Dealer Spotlight: Jay Mosher - Wlx Sales Superstar

by UniCarriers Americas Corporation, on Jul 5, 2019 12:23:13 PM

For some newcomers to the forklift industry, securing deals can come quite naturally. Take for instance, Jay Mosher, a sales representative with UniCarriers’ dealership, New Tec, Inc., who has seen tremendous success with selling UCA WLX pallet trucks in Northwest Iowa.

 Mosher’s professional background consists of master scheduling, customer service and eventually inside sales. Having only been at New Tec for around six months, Jay has sold three UniCarriers WLX pallet trucks and all three within a four-month timeframe. “The few guys I talked to at UniCarriers’ Jumpstart training seemed like they were impressed that I had sold them in such a short amount of time,” said Mosher. “However, the feedback I was receiving from customers was the WLX’s versatility was a unique selling feature, and something that was advantageous when I closed the sale.”

According to Mosher, the WLX offers unique UniCarriers’ advantages like an all-in-one charger and battery. Also, customers can plug the machine into a normal outlet, making it even more appealing. “Add in the price point, and you have a winning product,” Mosher added.

The WLX also has a multitude of applications including supermarkets, warehouses, cold storage, etc. One of Mosher’s customers was seeking a unit with maximum maneuverability within a trailer, while another needed to be able to operate in a cold warehouse during the winter. “The nice thing about the WLX is it has low maintenance intervals and is very reliable, which are additional perks for operators who work in different environments and conditions,” said Mosher.

Mosher said his “never quit” sales outlook is a big contributor to his motivation and success. “If you hear no, it doesn’t mean it’s out the window. You should keep asking questions and understand a customer’s needs. Make sure you’ve exhausted every avenue before walking away,” Mosher said. “Try to help them in addressing their pain points, and don’t stop asking questions until they have their needs met. If you find that you can’t meet their needs, that’s when you move on. Keep pushing and making sure they’re getting taken care of.”

If given the opportunity to quote a customer, Mosher advises the most important thing sales reps can do is make sure to follow up. “This may sound old fashioned, but I’m a big believer in follow ups – it produces more positive results, no question,” Mosher stated.

Mosher adds that one of his main goals for the rest of 2018 is increasing brand awareness for UniCarriers Americas. UCA’s products are something he and his company stand behind. Mosher adds that there is ample opportunity to get UniCarriers trucks into the field. “There are a lot of farmers, a lot of agriculture in my area that thrive off of old equipment. My goal is to get a new product out there to them that yields more production, increased uptime and less frustration.”

UCA is excited to see where Mosher’s career takes him, and we are happy that we get to work with dealers like him who promote and stand by the UniCarriers brand.

Established in 2004, New Tec, Inc. is a UniCarriers Americas authorized dealer located in Hull, Iowa.

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