UCA Introduces New Features in Third Phase Rollout of Dealer Toolbox

by UniCarriers Americas Corporation, on Jan 23, 2020 2:21:15 PM

The UniCarriers Americas (UCA) Dealer Toolbox was first introduced in 2017 in an effort to support UCA dealers and personnel through marketing and sales resources. The Dealer Toolbox is a single source of communication and important files for anything related to UCA. Throughout the course of a few years, UCA has built the toolbox in a phased approach, and most updates and new resources are influenced and driven by dealer feedback and comments.

Recently, UCA unveiled four new modules that will continuously improve the dealers’ experience via the online toolbox. These four implementations help streamline communications for UCA and its dealers to make it easier to access and locate important information. Dealers can now take advantage of the following new features:

  1. Qualified leads are assigned to the appropriate dealer and appear in the Dealer Toolbox for them through the My Leads When a new lead is assigned, all users who are marked as an administrator in the Dealer Toolbox will receive an email notifying them. Dealers then have the opportunity to assign the status of the lead and can also rank the quality of the lead based on a 5-star ranking system.

  2. Due to multiple dealer requests, the Inventory Upload feature was added so they can voluntarily upload their current UniCarriers new stock inventory. The data is automatically refreshed on the third Monday of each month to ensure accuracy. This module also allows dealers to search nearby inventory, so they are able to fulfill a customer’s needs in a timely manner.

  3. My Files gives dealers quick and easy access to files and forms like warranty certificates and other regularly used forms, so they can easily retrieve documents.

  4. Dealers can access reporting within the toolbox. In the upcoming months, dealer ITA reports will appear in the Reports

“The Dealer Toolbox is completely customized to match our business needs and our dealer network,” said Mark Manninen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for UCA. “We have finished the first three phases and are currently in the process of starting the fourth. This approach has allowed us to make incremental changes and build on prior successes, while also allowing us to release improvements sequentially rather than wait for the entire platform to be complete.”

Dealers can expect continuous improvements and updates that will enhance their user experience. To inquire about the Dealer Toolbox, contact UCA Marketing Team at

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