The Importance of Warranty

by UniCarriers Americas Corporation, on Jul 5, 2019 10:38:17 AM

When customers make large and costly purchases, they’re not only looking for quality, but also confidence in their purchasing decisions. When they’re left with a product that doesn’t perform as promised or is defected in some way, it could become a bigger problem if warranty coverage is not available. Warranties establish a sense of reassurance and trust between the customer and manufacturer and take the “what if” factor out of the equation to allow businesses to operate with confidence.

When UniCarriers launched its industry-leading 2-year standard limited warranty three years ago, the goal was to provide customers with coverage across all Class I, IV and V units that we sell. Our warranty backs our forklifts with unlimited hours for two years*, an offer that’s unmatched in the industry. This protection reflects the confidence we have in the reliability and quality of each Class I, IV, and V forklift manufactured by our skilled team.

“When we set out to deliver the best warranty in the industry, we did so to not only demonstrate our forklifts’ reliability, but to also keep our customers happy for years to come,” said Brian Markison, senior director of sales and marketing for UniCarriers Americas.

The feedback UniCarriers has received from customers and dealers has been tremendous. “Dealers have come to us stating that it’s our warranty that has secured a deal, and we recognize the comfort customers experience when purchasing our products,” Markison adds.

Craig Colonno with Anderson Erickson Dairy purchased 7 CF30LPs for his company. The warranty played a role in his decision, but he states what really has sold him over the years was how reliable UniCarriers trucks are. “The functionality and the dependability of the machines are great, and they continue to improve with technology. When a truck is down, we can’t operate, so it’s reassuring to know we work with such a reliable product and team,” said Colonno. “Having the warranty in place is an added bonus, but our machines have made it through the warranty period, no problem.”

UniCarriers understands the value of offering a warranty and how it can provide peace of mind to the customer. And as always, the customer’s satisfaction should always come first.

*Please refer to the warranty certificate for the full conditions of coverage.

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