UniCarriers Announces 2017 Employee Awards

by UniCarriers Americas Corporation, on Oct 22, 2019 2:57:58 PM

In a ceremony at its Marengo, IL facility, UniCarriers honored American workers who made significant contributions to their company, customers and colleagues in 2017.

MARENGO, IL — May, 2017– In recognition of their workplace contributions, key employees were honored by company leadership at UniCarriers’ 2017 Spring All Employee Meeting on April 26, 2017. Among the honors was the prestigious STAR Award, presented to an employee who makes a significant commitment to cost reduction and company competitiveness. Also presented were Employee of The Year Awards to individuals who excel at their work and set examples for others.

“As an American manufacturer, we believe we can compete and excel in the global marketplace,” noted James J. Radous, III, President, UniCarriers Americas. “The employees we honored are an example of the determination, dedication and commitment to excellence that has helped build UniCarriers’ reputation for reliability and value among forklift owners.”

Wade Adamski was honored with the STAR Award for his contribution in saving cycle time and cost by eliminating relief valves on trucks that don’t require them. As part of the Award, Wade received a bonus, keepsake award, reserved parking spot, and his name in a place of honor on a special plaque.

Seven employees were honored with Employee of the Year Awards for unique contributions to the company, including the implementation of a new ERP system. The honorees included:
  • UCA Assembler, Jorge Mancillas (16 years at UCA)
  • UCA Lead Material Hander, Jose Salinas (17 years at UCA)
  • UCA Production Manager, John McCully (3 years)
  • UCA Buyer/Planner, Sarah Beatty (4 years)
  • UCA Manufacturing Engineering Technician, Neil Taylor (4 years)
  • UCA WebSphere Programmer Analyst, Terence Jenkins (3 years)
  • UCA Project Engineer, Mark McGee (4.5 years)

“Whether it was improved productivity, enhanced safety, or the introduction of new systems, the work of each of these individuals exemplifies the UniCarriers commitment to innovation, quality and reliability that is the hallmark of our company,” said Radous.

As part of their Employee of the Year Awards, each honoree received a bonus, keepsake award, reserved parking spot, and had their names added to a special plaque at UniCarriers headquarters.